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A Constant Pressure System and How it can Help You

Having proper running water at your home is essential to good living. However, if you have alternate sources of water, like well water, in your house as compared to having the city corporation’s waters, fluctuating water pressure can be a recurring problem.

While it might not cause great inconvenience all the time, it is an uncomfortable fixture to have at home. A constant pressure system can efficiently help in this regard.

What is a Constant Pressure System?

A constant pressure system prevents the water pressure from dropping when the demand changes from usual. It is usually used for well water and homes where wells are a primary water source. However, it might also be installed in the city corporation’s water system.

In a constant pressure system, the rotation speed of the well pump corresponds to the increase or decrease in water demand. In the case of a regular pump, it only starts operating when the water pressure drops to the point that there has to be an immediate refill initiated. However, a constant pressure system does not wait for such an extreme situation and starts working as soon as the usual demand changes.

How Can a Constant Pressure System Help You?

Wondering whether or not a constant pressure system is a good idea? Then, take a look at the following advantages of such a system for better clarity and to understand how having it can help you.

1. Water Pressure Maintenance

Although this might be obvious, there are many advantages to having regular and consistent water pressure. A most common problem faced with changing water pressure is that it can lead to uncomfortable showers. In addition, if the water keeps fluctuating between cold and hot water, it is especially problematic for colder regions.

2. Adjusts to Changing Demand

Suppose you have guests over or your family expands, your water system needs to adjust to the change to provide water accordingly. Without a constant flow of water, it can become awkward and inconvenient with other people around. To avoid such a situation, a constant pressure system can be helpful as it promptly responds to changing water demands.

3. Increased Energy Efficiency

Constant pressure systems also have increased energy efficiency. This is because instead of a constant run, they are only activated according to the change in the water demand. This reduces energy consumption. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, but it also helps reduce your bills. They also reduce the wastage of water.

4. Cost Efficient

Constant pressure systems are more cost-efficient than other regular equipment. Although their initial cost is higher than traditional systems, they save more money in the long run. As mentioned above, they use energy more efficiently, thereby reducing bills. Moreover, it lasts longer than traditional pumps as the operations are more streamline.

5. Saves Space

A traditional well pump comes with a separate pressure tank. This makes the overall equipment bulky and space-consuming. With a constant pressure system, there are no such worries because it does not have any pressure tank. It is more compact, making it easy to install in any home space without becoming too bulky.

6. Easy Maintenance

Since constant pressure pumps are a compact system, they are also easier to clean and maintain. As no excess force is being used, it also helps keep the system from damage in the long run. In addition, the mechanics of your pump will be better kept under a constant pressure system. This also ties up with our previous point on how it is ultimately a cost-saving system in the long run.


There are many reasons why you should install a constant pressure system. It is especially beneficial if you live in a low-pressure water area.


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