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Urgent: Important Update for Cape Coral Residents from H2O Systems, Inc.

Attention Cape Coral and Lee County Residents: Critical Water Shortage and Irrigation Restrictions

In light of the recent water shortage declaration by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) due to the alarming decline in the Mid-Hawthorn Aquifer, and the mandatory irrigation restrictions implemented in parts of Cape Coral and unincorporated Lee County, H2O Systems, Inc. is here to offer crucial guidance and support.

Understanding the Situation

  • Restricted Watering Schedule: Residents are now limited to one day a week irrigation based on their address.

  • Historically Low Water Levels: The Mid-Hawthorn Aquifer, approximately 125 feet underground and a vital water source for many private wells, is at record low levels.

  • Continued Dry Conditions: The U.S. Drought Monitor has classified the Southwest Florida region as experiencing Abnormal to Moderate Drought.

Before You Consider Redrilling Your Well...

  • Costly and Not Always Necessary: Redrilling a well can be an expensive endeavor and may not always be the best solution.

  • Expert Consultation Saves Thousands: Contact H2O Systems, Inc. at (239) 574-6611 before making any decisions. Our experts can provide alternative solutions and advise if redrilling is truly needed.

  • Tailored Solutions for Your Needs: Every situation is unique. We offer customized advice based on your specific circumstances and the latest aquifer conditions.

Tips for Efficient Water Use

In addition to considering your well water options, here are some ways to conserve water:

  1. Adhere to the Irrigation Schedule: Ensure your landscaping follows the designated watering days and times.

  2. Check Your Irrigation Systems: Regularly inspect for leaks and ensure proper functioning.

  3. Adopt Water-Saving Habits Indoors: Reduce shower times, only run full loads in dishwashers and washing machines.

  4. Embrace Florida-Friendly Landscaping: Choose low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants.

  5. Stay Informed: Visit the City of Cape Coral's and Lee County's Lawn Watering Restrictions webpages for more details.

We're Here to Help

As a dedicated partner in the community, H2O Systems, Inc. is committed to helping you navigate these challenging water restrictions while preserving our precious water resources. Contact us for guidance, water-saving strategies, and to explore all available options before taking the step to redrill your well.

Stay Informed and Stay Prepared

For any questions regarding the irrigation restrictions, visit and stay updated on the situation. Together, we can protect our water resources and navigate these challenging times effectively.


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