We are fully licensed, certified, and insured contractors specializing in Well Drilling. There are three different sizes of Wells that can be drilled: a standard 4” Well for residential domestic and irrigation use, and the option for either a 6” or 8” Well for operation of commercial irrigation systems. Over the past 42 years we have drilled over 20,000 Wells across Southwest Florida. Our numerous years of experience have provided us with the ability to research the area where a Well is going to be drilled and construct it accordingly to reach the best water quality possible.

Just like the different size Wells there are different sizes of Pumps that can be installed too. H20 Systems installs and services pumps ranging in size from ½ Horse Power through 20HP Pumps, single phase or 3-phase electric, submersible or centrifugal. We are a Myers Pumps preferred dealer but service all makes and models.

Let us Drill a Well for you.


Since the 1970’s, a standard Water Treatment System has included an Aerator and Water Softener and over the years we have perfected the design. Depending on the area the Well is drilled, the quality of water will vary, containing sulfur gas or iron. H20 Systems service technicians have over 40 years’ experience and are able to determine the best equipment to treat your water. The Aerator and Softener package we install or the newer style Sulfide Unit system is designed to remove sulfur and hardness. There are also certain areas in Lee County where the water contains high chlorides (salt) which requires either a whole house or under sink Reverse Osmosis Unit which is designed to remove that. An R/O Unit will furthermore remove all the other unpleasant impurities such as sulfates and total dissolved solids greatly increasing the quality of your water for cooking and drinking. There are other Filters that can be added in addition to the Standard equipment to remove odor and impurities.

Like your family car, your Water Treatment Equipment requires regularly scheduled maintenance. We offer monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly maintenance to assure that your equipment is operating properly. Our Water Treatment Maintenance package includes 120lbs of salt added to your Brine Tank every month, the Aerator drained and cleaned when necessary; the pressure in your Pressure Tanks and the Water Softener timer checked and adjusted as needed, as well as an overall check of the entire system. As a homeowner you cannot let Pressure Tanks or Pressure Switches that operate the Well Pump go without being serviced or there can be major damage caused to your Pump and Well, ultimately leaving you without water.


H2O Systems has been expertly installing Lawn Irrigation Systems since 1972. With the convenience of an in House Irrigation Designer each system is customized to the specifications of the homeowner along with the landscaper. We have installed over 15,000 Systems for commercial and residential use throughout Southwest Florida. This includes existing homes and new homes still under construction. When deciding on the layout of your irrigation system, a representative will meet with you in person to answer any of your questions. Once the process has begun, we will keep in contact with you every step of the way, through scheduling, installation and finally a personal orientation of the system and Timer. H2O Systems follows all county watering restrictions and will instruct you on the optimal watering times for your system to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscaping. We are a preferred RainBird distributor.

Irrigation System Maintenance is an important part of the up keep of your home. Avoiding prolonged periods of inadequate watering is crucial. Some of the things our technician will look for during a maintenance checkup are clogged nozzles, tilted, non-retracting or broken sprinkler heads and dry areas of the lawn. The tech will perform a visual inspection of your entire Irrigation system, replace any dirty nozzles, adjust all the heads for ample coverage and reset your timer if needed.


H2O Systems offers routine Pest Control services to protect your home from unwanted visitors like ants, roaches and spiders. Our technicians treat the entire outside perimeter of your home to stop bugs before they can enter. Doing this keeps the chemicals out of your home and away from children and pets. We offer a package that includes Perimeter and Ornamental Insecticide treatment. All plants that are part of the landscape will be sprayed with an insecticide that will prevent any harmful pests from inhabiting and killing them. A bi-monthly treatment is recommended to have the best results with pest prevention and plant health. We also offer quarterly or annual treatments that will have a positive impact as well.

Because of Florida’s climate, certain times of the year bring invasive pests that will destroy your landscaping. One of the biggest enemies is Rugose Spiraling Whitefly which is a Central American bug that has made its way to Southwest Florida. If the underside of your plants leafs are covered in a white, waxy substance that forms spirals and the top side of the leaf has a black sooty mold, you’re a victim of the Whitefly. Visit our ARBORjet page to find out more information on the latest technology designed to fight these insects, from the inside to the pests on the outside.

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A new technology has hit the industry called ABORjet. Instead of spraying the foliage or soaking the roots, ARBORjet allows the technician to inject the product directly into the trunk of the tree. This ensures that every drop of the product is hitting the transport tissue and being distributed throughout the tree. Florida has an ideal climate for lush and healthy landscaping and we take pride in our beautiful lawns. Virtually every home or commercial property has at least one type of palm as part of their curb appeal. Unfortunately palms and many other plants are easily taken hostage by invasive pests and intense diseases that can kill them within a few short months. ARBORjets formulations are backed by extensive research that has been proven to quickly eliminate insects and diseases and provide long-term protection.

If you have a tree or plant that is looking limp, discolored, burnt, or just ‘not right’ give H2O Systems a call to make an appointment for a technician to meet with you at your convenience. The tech will diagnose the possible issue and give you an estimate for the proper formulation and insecticide to cure the problem.

Let us perform an inspection of your landscaping.


H2O Systems has skilled technicians that are able to treat and maintain lawns through excellent fertilization services. Florida is home to three types of grass Floritam, St. Augustine and Bahia. Each species requires certain nutrients and needs to be stabilized in addition to being fertilized. Our technicians can recommend a fertilization, insecticide and weed control schedule that will insure a lush healthy lawn.

Let our technicians give you our recommendations.


Keeping your pool clear and beautiful is simple if you have one of our trained technicians performing weekly maintenance. Let our tech deal with the strong chemicals required to treat a fresh or salt water pool effectively. Our maintenance package includes weekly services where a tech will visit your home to balance the chemical and brush the tiles and walls of your pool, every two weeks he will also vacuum the entire pool and once a month the tech will clean the pools filter. During the services the technician will evaluate the pool equipment and notify you of any necessary repairs needed to avoid damage.

Let H2O Systems do the dirty work.


Our powerful and proven Mosquito Magician Concentrate is made with 100% Natural ingredients. It is completely non-toxic and safe for kids and pets but is extremely unfriendly to mosquitoes and at least a dozen other targeted pests. Mosquito Magician can be applied with a battery sprayer, pump up sprayer, hose sprayer, or our automated Sprinkler Magician system. This is a true concentrate with 6 different active ingredients – all of them essential oils like Cedar, Citronella, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Geraniol& Rosemary. Enjoy your patio, lawn & garden, without having to share it with mosquitoes and other biting pests. One gallon of super concentrate makes 32 gallons of potent repellent, which is enough to treat an average property 20 to 30 times, making it very cost effective.

Can be applied outdoors around your home, lawn, garden, patio or pool
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, EFFECTIVE insect control
Eliminates Mosquitoes and many other pests, such as Flies, Palmetto Bugs, No-see-ums, Fleas, Ticks, Gnats, Ants, Spiders, Flies, Chiggers and many more using 100% natural plant oils
Contains no DEET or chemical pesticides
Non-toxic, safe for kids and pets
Creates a bubble of protection that lasts 1-2 weeks
Suffocates mosquito larvae in standing water
Treats up to 128,000 sq. ft